We are delighted to be able to offer a Will Writing Service through our subsidiary company Jonathan Ford & Co Legal Services Limited. Book a call to find out more here.

Sarah will be responsible for preparing your Will.

Will Writing is an unregulated legal area and anyone can set themselves up as a Will Writer. To ensure our clients get the best service possible we’ve spent the last year taking the ICAEW Probate examinations and the Society of Will Writers Estate and Will Planning Certificate. We believe that the specialist tax inheritance tax and general tax planning advice we can offer – together with our formal qualifications in Will Writing – puts us in a brilliant position to really help our customers.

Who is this service ideal for?

We can put together a single Will for someone with simple affairs from £160 (incl VAT) but the real benefit comes from using trusts in your Will to achieve your planning objectives. Trusts are more expensive to include in your Will and need specialist advice but, used properly, they can save you thousands of pounds and ensure your wishes are properly carried out.

What can I do with a trust?

Different trusts can be used for different purposes but here’s two examples:

Property Protection Trust – this type of trust typically allows you to leave your part of your property for your spouse/civil partner for life and then pass to your children. It means your share of the property is protected should your spouse/civil partner remarry. It can also help reduce possible care home fees your partner may need to pay in the future.

Business Property Relief Trust – this type of trust can secure Business Property Relief for your business assets when you die and keep them outside of your partners estate when they die.

Aren’t trusts very complicated?

They are not for everyone but they can also be very straight forward and easy for your family to implement.

I don’t really need a Will as everything will just go to my husband/wife?

Not necessarily. Dying without a Will means your estate is distributed according to the intestacy rules here. It can mean more work and worry for your family, more tax to pay, people benefiting who you might not want to benefit and people missing out who you would like to include.

Can I just do an online Will for a lot less money?

Absolutely. And if you have a simple situation that could be better that having no Will at all. But if you require expert help, a solution that’s tailored to your circumstances and professional inheritance tax planning then we believe the extra investment is worth it.

OK – what’s next?

You can book an initial call with us here where we can discuss what you’re likely to need and prepare a detailed proposal for you.

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