November 10th, 2017

How to find a chartered accountant in Liverpool

Find your new chartered account in Liverpool

No matter what your profession is, you may find yourself needing to find an accountant to help you manage your money. We understand that it isn’t always an easy task to find someone that you can trust to make decisions regarding your finances, so we’ve prepared an extensive list of the best ways to find a chartered accountant.

Finding a chartered accountant

This list should be able to help you narrow down all of the ways you can find your perfect chartered accountant for whatever you might need.

1. Decide if location matters to you

You might find that you aren’t bothered where your accountant is based, as you may prefer to do things online, or you could decide that you want the opportunity to find an accountant close to you so that you can attend regular meetings.  

2. Make sure your accountant has relevant expertise

When you find an accountant that you’re interested in, you should make sure that they have previously worked with companies of a similar size to yours and, ideally, in a similar market sector. You might also want to check if they have larger clients so you can be sure they’ll be able to manage your growing needs.

3. Find a certified or chartered accountant

If you’re looking for a professional accountant, then you should always try to find one that describes itself as a certified or chartered accountant. Chartered Accountants are highly qualified and have completed degree-level study as well as workplace experience to make sure that they are professional and reliable.  

4. Search for them on social media

It sounds like strange advice, but usually by reading what other people are saying you’ll be able to get a real idea of what an accountant is like. Searching your social media for Chartered Accountants in Liverpool should produce plenty of results from people who can give real reviews on the accountants that they have used – and should help you to find a trusted accountant.

5. Get someone who cares about your money

There is nothing more important when you are looking for an accountant than finding someone that you know will care about your money. Whether your business is small or larger, you still need to make sure that they will protect your finances and ensure that you can be saved as much money as possible.

6. Find out if your software matches

Different accountants prefer different bookkeeping software – it’s not easy to be an expert at them all. Picking a firm of accountants that use the same accounting software as your business means you can access all their knowledge and experience to run your business better. As Liverpool’s #1 Xero chartered accountants, we can definitely help anyone looking to make the most of Xero.

Jonathan Ford is a trusted chartered accountant Liverpool


After following all of these tips, you should be able to find yourself a reliable accountant. Here at Jonathan Ford & Co, we’re trusted chartered accountants who will always make sure that your finances are managed properly. To find out more, get in touch with us either through our contact page, or by calling us on:

0151 426 4512


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