November 30th, 2017

Coming soon: Xero Projects

Top Xero accountants Liverpool can offer

You may know that we are the best Xero accountants Liverpool can offer, which is why we are always up to date with all of the changes that Xero provides. Xero Projects is the newest example of the updates that Xero provides, and that we can help you to use.

We’re the top Xero accountants in Liverpool

We always make sure that we can provide the best accounting to all of our clients, and that goes through to our software as well. We recommend to many of our clients that they use Xero for their accounting so that we can help them to manage their money in the most suitable way.

Xero Projects has been described as a simple way to help to capture, track and report on the time and money that is spent on each job so that you can invoice proactively, as well as helping you to make better informed decisions regarding managing your business efficiently.

Projects will be focusing on the financial side of managing projects, and is designed to integrate with other Xero features like contacts, invoicing, bills and bank reconciliation. This is great for small businesses that have simple costing needs.

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Xero Projects is on it’s way

Projects initial release will be an amazing tool for any small businesses that are in professional services industries such as digital, creative and IT. Over time, other industries will be added once Xero further develops Projects as a feature, but until then this simple tool will be great for these businesses to keep an eye on current jobs. This will make sticking to budgets and pinpointing job locations so much easier.

Xero Projects is only available to Partners that can invite selected clients to use Xero Projects for free until the end of 2017 – which means that if you’re interested in using Projects you can contact us to have it added to your Xero account.


Edit: Xero Projects has now launched!

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