November 21st, 2017

Three things to know when looking for Xero help

xero accounting software

When you start using Xero for your business, you’ll want to find out more about some of the best tips for using the software. And, as Liverpool’s top Xero accountants, we’re the perfect people to offer you advice and information about the software.

If you need help using Xero, we’ve got the perfect tips for you

Xero is an incredibly popular accounting software, with over 1 million people using Xero as their accounting software now – and it’s not hard to see why. With over 10 years of development under their belt and plenty of incredible additions to the software it is incredibly user friendly and the perfect software to use for all of your accounting needs.

Here’s some great features to know about.

  1. No more printing out receipts – you can use Xero files

Xero has a filing system that means you don’t have to print out your receipts anymore – great for anyone who wants to save time.

Xero also lets you email to your own unique Xero email address, which will then pick up if you have attached any PDF files and will then secure these to your Xero account. Once they are in your account, you will be able to attach it to a transaction, bill or new sales invoice so that you can see exactly where your money is coming and going from.

  1. Connect your Gmail or Office 365 email to Xero

You’re now able to link your Office 365 or Gmail account directly to Xero. Once you’ve connected these, you’ll be able to search for contacts and find all of the financial deals that relate directly to one particular customer or supplier.

You’ll also be able to have access to a history of your emails available, as well as communication and notes for all of your contacts available – effectively turning Xero into a CRM for your business.

  1. Add details to your reconciliations

When you’re reconciling your transactions you’ll find that as well as adding usual information to the transaction, you can also click ‘add details’ to the transaction. This allows you to split transactions up as well as attach receipts.

This can become particularly useful for anyone who might be dealing with invoices that have multiple different tax rates or when you want to post a transaction to different departments.

We're Liverpool's #1 Xero accountants

We’re Liverpool’s #1 Xero accountants

We’ve love providing an amazing service to all of our clients that use the Xero software and are happy to help you with any special work that you might need. If you want to learn more about using Xero, and think that speaking to a member of our team will help you understand the service better, then you should definitely get in touch.




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