August 13th, 2015

Money transfer scam alert

  We’ve had a client report a ‘near miss’ in a money transfer scam.  One of the client’s finance team received an email which appeared to be from the chief exec asking for them person to transfer funds to a bank account. The email was friendly and informal in tone – addressed the staff member by name – and looked like it was from the chief execs email address.  Fortunately, the member of staff thought it was a bit odd and popped into the chief execs office to query it.  It then was apparent that the email was fake and the ‘from’ address had been spoofed.

Although this isn’t a new scam it does look like it’s increasing in popularity at the moment.

We’d advise vigilance and that staff with payment powers are encouraged to double check anything that is large or unusual.

If you have had any scam issues then please let us know so we can share the details.

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John manages a wide portfolio of owner managed businesses and oversees the smooth operation of the firm’s payroll department.

After obtaining his degree in mathematics from the University of Liverpool, John joined Jonathan Ford & Co in 2004 and qualified as a chartered accountant four years later. John likes to keep abreast of developments in tax and accounting and is responsible for the mentoring of junior staff.

Outside of work, John enjoys powerlifting and is a Liverpool FC season ticket holder.

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