January 23rd, 2018

Meeting the Deadlines for Your Limited Company?

Looking for a limited company accountant?

When you’re running a limited company it can be difficult to make sure that you’re meeting all of your deadlines.  Ever increasing regulations and penalties means that running a limited company has become quite complex.  That’s where a good accountant can help. We consider ourselves one of the best Liverpool accountants, so you’re in the right place!

Finding a Limited Company Accountant to Help You Meet Your Deadlines

You can get help with meeting all of your filing deadlines by enlisting the help of an accountant who has experience working with limited companies. With a wide selection of filing deadlines it’s easy to miss something. Finding the perfect limited company accountant for you can help you get through these trying times.

The main filing deadlines that you can find help for are:

Company Accounts – These should be filed at Companies House 9 months after the financial year end. This can be different for the first accounts however, so you should make sure to double check the date you’re expected to deliver these.

VAT Returns – These are to be filed and paid quarterly. They should be filed 1 month and 7 days after the quarter end.

Corporation Tax – Corporation tax is payable nine months and one day after the financial year has ended. Corporation tax returns usually need to be filed at HMRC twelve months after the financial year has ended. This can complicate things, as you need to pay the tax nine months after the end of the year that the tax return has to be done – so realistically you have to pay your corporation tax three months before your corporation tax return is actually due.

Self Assessment Tax Returns – These usually have to be filed by 31st January for the previous tax year – so these will be due very soon.

Confirmation Statement – the confirmation statement (which was previously known as the Annual Return) must be filed at Companies House on the anniversary of incorporation.

PAYE RTI (Real Time Information) Returns –  These are filed monthly, but HMRC don’t use the information they provide in real time so you may find that you face issues with them “overriding” the data filed.

Looking for Liverpool Accountants to Help You?

You might find that the last minute panic has hit you and you could be facing your financial deadlines all at once now.  If you need an accountancy service to help you manage your accounts and make sure that everything is finalised and filed then finding a reliable Liverpool accountants is easier than you expect – here at Jonathan Ford & Co we’re experts at dealing with Limited companies.

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