December 21st, 2017

Need help with your tax enquiries?

Reliable answers to tax enquiries Liverpool

Tax enquiries can be a major worry if you have a small business, especially since they are now at record levels. At times like this, having a good accountant has never been more important in protecting you and your business, so you have no worries should HMRC come along.

Great tax advice for Liverpool businesses

Looking for tax advice can be an important step for any business, especially if you’re worried about the possibility of tax enquiries in the future. That’s why we recommend finding an accountant that can work with you to give you all of the tax advice that your business needs, and at a good price. HMRC enquiries can be an unwanted part of the life of any business which is why you should always make sure that you are entirely protected should they pay you a visit.

How our tax enquiries service can help you

With our Fee Protection Service we can help you find a peace of mind regarding tax enquiries, as you’ll always know that our fees will be paid in the circumstance that the HMRC might investigate you. When you have our Fee Protection Service you can be covered for any HMRC visits, and will have written enquiries ready to present. We also offer cover for up £75,000 of fees and complimentary access to Employment Law and Health & Safety helplines so that you can be aware of all the information you need for your business.

As well as this, you’ll find that we don’t provide a policy excess and we have a no nonsense policy covering. When you use our Fee Protection Service you can guarantee that we will deal with any correspondence regarding HMRC enquiries for you, and will also be in attendance for any meetings you have with HMRC. We always make sure that we provide amazing service for anyone who is looking for help with tax enquiries, and are trusted by many clients to look after them in circumstances like this.

HMRC enquiries can be a problem for every small business over time

We’ll always help you with HMRC enquiries

There is very little we won’t do in the circumstance that you are paid a visit by HMRC, as we like to make sure that our customers feel safe and protected when it comes to their businesses. Our tax advice is always available to anyone who works with us and we make sure that every person who puts their trust in us is aware of everything they can receive from our services. However, we also like to make sure that everyone is aware of what we don’t offer in our services beforehand, so that we can be sure there won’t be any hidden surprises.

Our Fee Protection Service offers a lot, but there are some things that aren’t covered by the service. We don’t offer any routine compliance work like preparing your tax return and we also won’t help with any tax, interest or penalties that are due of you or your business. We also don’t offer help in relation to any criminal prosecutions or fraud cases, and we don’t get involved with enquiries that were commenced before you subscribed to the service.


When you begin working with us for your tax enquiries we like to be certain that we can offer you exactly what you’re looking for, and are happy to consider anyone for our services as long as they follow our own guidelines for working with us. This way, we can make any situations between your business and HMRC as smooth as possible so you won’t have any hidden dramas along the way!

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