June 14th, 2018

Fee Protection Service – Why we like our clients to have it.

One of the most valuable services we offer is our Fee Protection Service. This service gives you the peace of mind that our fees will be paid in doing all we can to look after you should HMRC raise a tax enquiry into you or your company.

All of the main taxes are covered – income tax, National Insurance, corporation tax, VAT and capital taxes – and you’ll be covered whether HMRC enquire into just one figure on your return or the entire return.

When an enquiry is launched, nobody knows how long it will last.

PAYE Inspection

One of our clients has just concluded a 10 month PAYE enquiry and would have incurred over £2,500 worth of fees had they not signed up for our Fee Protection Service.  We were able to provide our expertise to defend the client without them having to worry about the cost.

Corporation Tax Inspection 

Even fairly routine enquiries can require significant time to reach closure. In a recent corporation tax enquiry, the provision of further information and non-technical explanations would have meant a bill of £550 if the client wasn’t signed up to our Fee Protection Scheme. Our diligent response ensured the next letter we received from HMRC was a closure notice.

IR35 Woes

We’re currently representing a client where HMRC are looking at whether the IR35 rules should have been operated.  A considerable amount of time and effort (and money) has already been incurred in meeting with HMRC but we are able to provide the best possible service to our client including taking the case to a tax tribunal if that was ultimately necessary. At a worrying time for the client at least they don’t need to fret about paying for help when they need it most.

Other Benefits

Not only does our Fee Protection Service give you peace of mind and save you money during enquiries, you’ve also got free access to some brilliant helplines covering employment law, health and safety and commercial legal advice. Getting professional advice in these areas can run to hundreds of pounds.

It’s for these reasons that we believe Fee Protection represents fantastic value and are always recommend it to our clients.

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John manages a wide portfolio of owner managed businesses and oversees the smooth operation of the firm’s payroll department.

After obtaining his degree in mathematics from the University of Liverpool, John joined Jonathan Ford & Co in 2004 and qualified as a chartered accountant four years later. John likes to keep abreast of developments in tax and accounting and is responsible for the mentoring of junior staff.

Outside of work, John enjoys keeping fit and is a Liverpool FC season ticket holder.

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